Its coming up folks, the finest gathering of the arts and music the Discovery Islands has to offer. Quadrapalooza! This years event will be jam packed with all your art loving souls can handle. There will be puppets, banjos, fiddles, fire spinners, jugglers, games, magic, poetry, spray paint, skate boards, clowns, ho-downs, fantastic food, and of course live dance inducing sounds of superb bands into the dark! If you have never been to a Quadrapalooza before, do not miss out this year! And if you have, we know you’ll be back for more. 😉

Annually, Labour Day Long Weekend!!
This year, August 31st – September 2nd.
Quadra Island Community Centre
The best way to top off the sunny season.
Happy Summer!!

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Quadrapalooza 2018 tickets now.
Kids age 12 and under are free.

What we’re all about

This annual weekend long family event takes place at the Quadra Island Community Centre and showcases a huge selection of diverse Canadian artists on a multitude of different stages.

The 2018 festival will be a force of creative inspirations certain to make a memorable experience for all who attend.

This year you can be sure to expect all the live music, painting, characters, puppets, juggling, dancing, crafts, clothes, vendors, food, refreshments and games one could ever hope for on an island in the spectacular setting of the Discovery Islands.

For more details or to GET INVOLVED! you can e-mail [email protected]

Visitors new to Quadra can check out more about the Island HERE and HERE!